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24-2-18  It is with great sadness that the we have to announce that RPD Nando has passed away today.

12 year old Nando was a one of the first dogs to have joined the fund in 2013 and had had been retired for 4  ½ years with his handler.

He was a great dog, and the fund can report that he was well loved and will be missed by his mum and dad and all of the fund.

Nando gained his wings with honour yesterday, and will join the new roll call pages coming soon of police dogs who protect and serve us on a daily basis #heroeswithpaws.


11-1-18 RPD Nico has been feeling a little under the weather lately, and your kind donations have allowed us to fund him to have hydro therapy to assist with his weakening back legs.

This occurs from all of the speed they deliver in service and the harsh stops to detain suspects, which all takes its toll on the working dogs body.


14-1-18  Our very own Alfie celebrates his 13th Birthday today with his new failed foster parents Julie and Dave who adopted him last June.

That is 91 in dog years - paws up to you!